05 October 2021

Accor Joins Forces with Corporate Clients to Launch Pan-European “Masters of Travel” Advisory Board

Accor, the leading global hospitality group, will bring together 10 leading businesses from across Europe to host the inaugural “Masters of Travel” board meeting on Wednesday 6th October 2021.

The panel will connect segment leaders from industries such as pharmaceuticals, entertainment, technology, finance and more directly with a senior managerial team from Accor to explore corporate priorities relating to the hospitality industry and define a vision for evolution in the new era of business travel.

Environmental, social and corporate governance was identified unilaterally as a key focal point for the inaugural consultation, with actionable outcomes agreed and used to implement strategic change on both the company and client sides. The advisory board will also share its findings, insights and actions with the wider industry as these take shape.

Future consultations will be held annually and develop according to client priorities, industry conditions and market appetite.

Sophie Hulgard, SVP Sales Northern Europe, Accor and Co-Host of Masters of Travel, said: “We at Accor recognize an industry need to open dialogue with clients and provide unique solutions tailored to unique priorities. The “Masters of Travel” advisory board will revolutionize the way we’re able to do this by opening interactive conversations with a wide range of decision makers from across Europe to drive positive, tangible and targeted change. It will allow us to better embrace market trends as they emerge and anticipate those to come, working collaboratively with leaders from multiple sectors. It will enable us to lead the industry by example, build back better and shape the future of hospitality.”

This year’s meeting will be virtual, with an aim to convene face-to-face annually from next year.