29 September 2021

As a Part of The Urban Collëctif, Accor, Citroën and Jcdecaux Invent the Urban Mobility of Tomorrow, Autonomous and for Everyone

The Urban Collëctif is a new partnership between Citroën, Accor and JCDecaux, three French companies with an international presence in the daily lives of city-dwellers around the world and a shared vision for the future of urban mobility.

Their common ambition is to optimise mobility so that everyone can reclaim urban spaces and significantly improve the quality of life.

This ambition relies on an innovative concept dubbed Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision, which combines a high-tech and universal mobility platform, The Citroën Skate, with three new service Pods – Sofitel En Voyage, Pullman Power Fitness and JCDecaux City Provider – each offering a unique experience to explore cities in a new way.

Using autonomous, electric and agile Citroën technology, this disruptive, open-source urban mobility concept aims to decongest cities while also meeting citizens’ growing needs in terms of mobility, services, safety and well-being in cities.

This new concept of responsible and tailor-made urban mobility relies on an open-source approach: The Citroën Skate platform can accommodate all compatible Pods developed by a partner, thereby expanding mobility and service offerings.

This brand new mobility platform offers urban experiences curated by three partners’ know-how and expertise. It is built on a layer of technological, electric and autonomous Citroën mobility - The Citroën Skate. The three Pods illustrate the concept and extent of its potential, which is possible because of its open-source approach. Two Pods were developed with Accor and highlight two of the luxury, top-of-the-line brands in its portfolio: Sofitel (Sofitel En Voyage) and Pullman (Pullman Power Fitness). The third was designed with JCDecaux: JCDecaux City Provider.


Through its Sofitel En Voyage and Pullman Power Fitness Pods, Accor, a world leader in the hotel industry, is inventing “mobile hospitality in the city”, enabling all of its customers as well as city-dwellers to immerse themselves in its brand experience outside its hotel walls.

With 200 years of combined experience in interior design and French automotive design, this partnership has given rise to innovative and daring Pods. During development with the Citroën teams, particular attention was paid to the quality of the materials, colours, assemblies and details, as well as the interfaces.

Damien Perrot, Global Senior Vice-President Design at Accor, comments: “Each Pod is a bold and modern interpretation of interior and automotive design. They are designed beyond the conventions and standards that the industry is using today, with precision engineering, high-end materials, refined aesthetics and revamped functions and applications. Thanks to this unprecedented partnership, which is highly innovative both in form and substance, we are creating endless opportunities for the future.”

Eventually, the two Pods could be reserved using the ALL - Accor Live Limitless app, the everyday lifestyle companion that brings together and enhances all the brands, services and partnerships operating within Accor’s ecosystem.

Steven Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at Accor, notes: “The presentation of the Sofitel En Voyage and Pullman Power Fitness Pods is a new example of our augmented hospitality strategy. We are resolutely focused on making our brands increasingly more visible and more relevant, in order to be there for our guests, beyond their stays in our hotels.”

More than ever, brands and sustainable urban mobility are central to the vision of augmented hospitality offered by Accor.