08 October 2021

"Eat Well" with World's Finest Oven, JOSPER Charcoal Ovens, at The Westin Surabaya

The Westin Surabaya presents a unique and exquisite dining experience with JOSPER Charcoal Ovens

During these pandemic times, people are becoming more aware of the importance of their food hygiene and propriety quality. The Westin Surabaya, with one of their basic pillars 'Eat Well', continues to be consistent in presenting delicacies with the finest qualities, starting from the initial stages of selecting ingredients, cooking process, to plating and serving. This month, Magnolia Restaurant, which is the highest restaurant in Surabaya, presents a unique and exquisite "Eat Well" experience through 'The Butcher by JOSPER Charcoal Ovens.

JOSPER Charcoal Ovens is the world-famous oven brand with its revolutionary innovation of combining a grill and an oven in a single piece of equipment. It has been widely used in many of the world's best restaurants. As the name implies, JOSPER Charcoal Ovens use a roasting technique on charcoal, so that the roasted meat will retain a smokey taste and a very tender texture which cannot be found in common gas or electric grills. This oven can grill up to 300° Celsius but requires less butter and oil, so there will be less fat in the meat as well. "At Magnolia, we always strive to bring brand-new and distinctive culinary experiences, and of course align with our basic pillar, 'Eat Well'. With the JOSPER Charcoal Ovens, guests can feel the sensation of savoring steaks that is different than usual. An experience that they cannot find anywhere else," said Chef John M. Tarigan, Head Chef of Magnolia Restaurant.

Apparently, it is not only the oven that is special. Magnolia Restaurant, which was recently awarded by the World Luxury Restaurant Awards, presents an exclusive and mouth-watering selection of menus for 'The Butcher by JOSPER Charcoal Ovens'. Several of the special ones, which are Australian 'Angus Obey Rib' Grain Feed 1,000gr for sharing, US Prime Lip-On Rib-Eye, Japan Wagyu Tajima Beef Burger, North Pole Tasmanian King Salmon, Indonesian Arafuru Sea Catch Tuna, and many more. "These menus that we present are deliberately chosen from several countries with their own story and uniqueness. We create every menu, both beef and seafood steaks, with complimentary condiments and delightful premium sauces. I personally say, steak lovers must try this rare experience," added Chef John M. Tarigan.

'The Butcher by JOSPER Charcoal Ovens' is available at Magnolia Restaurant everyday at 11:00 - 22:00 for a limited period, which is until 31 October 2021.

For more information, please visit www.westinsurabaya.com or contact +62 (031) 2971 0000.