03 May 2022

Exclusive Dragon Boat Delicacies at The Peninsula Hong Kong

In celebration of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival – one of the liveliest and most colourful holidays on the Chinese calendar – the Michelin-starred chefs at The Peninsula Hong Kong will introduce an array of delicious festive treats for guests and their loved ones.

A time-honoured Dragon Boat Festival custom is for celebrants to enjoy traditional savoury rice dumplings together. To that end, the culinary team at The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Spring Moon restaurant, which has retained its Michelin star for six consecutive years, will offer a collection of special dumplings in time for the holiday. Several dumpling varieties, as well as artisanal condiments to accompany them, will be available for purchase in exquisite gift packaging between 22 April 2022 and 3 June 2022. 

A Feast of Gourmet Dumplings 
This year’s offerings, created by Spring Moon’s Executive Chef Lam Yuk Ming, include four different rice dumpling choices, which can be purchased individually or as gift sets, and paired with zesty signature condiments. The options include:

Premium Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HK$ 688)
These traditional favourites are prepared using Spring Moon’s hallmark technique, wherein the rice used for the dumplings is pre-seasoned with abalone sauce to deepen its flavour. Filled with a combination of diced fresh abalone and 30-head dried Middle Eastern abalone, the Premium dumpling also contains prized dried scallops and Yunnan ham.

Deluxe Glutinous Rice Dumpling (HK$ 388) 
With a bamboo and lotus-leaf “skin” and a filling of Hungarian pork marinated in rosé wine, the Deluxe Glutinous Rice Dumpling is an exceptionally rich and fragrant treat.

“Golden Twins” Glutinous Rice Dumplings (HK$ 308)
These complementary dumplings are presented together as a delicious duo. The first is a Lotus Seed Paste Dumpling, whose creamy, sweet filling made with ground lotus seeds pairs perfectly with the chewy texture of the glutinous rice. Accompanying it is a Red Date Paste and Lychee Dumpling, inspired by a centuries-old recipe, with a filling that retains both the distinctive sweet flavours and the floral fragrances of its namesake fruits. 

Supreme Glutinous Rice Dumpling Gift Set with XO Chilli Sauce (HK$ 938)
First created by chefs at Spring Moon in 1986, the restaurant’s famed XO Chilli Sauce (made with a secret blend of chillies, dried scallops, dried shrimp, and spices) quickly became one of the most popular condiments throughout Asia and beyond. Hand-made at The Peninsula Hong Kong, the original XO Chilli Sauce pairs beautifully the Premium Glutinous Rice Dumpling in this special combination box. The sauce can also be purchased in individual 220 g jars, for HK$ 380.

Zesty New Sauces 
Newly unveiled for this year’s Dragon Boat Festival are two exceptional new condiments – Sichuan Chilli Sauce and Chiu Chow Chilli Sauce – created by Spring Moon’s chefs to enhance the flavour of rice dumplings, as well as many other dishes.

The new Sichuan Chilli Sauce is faithful to an authentic Sichuanese recipe that incorporates Da Hong Pao Sichuan pepper, nutmeg, and Japanese Sakura shrimp. The Chiu Chow Chilli Sauce, meanwhile, comprises a deeply umami blend of chilli peppers, spices and salted fish. Both sauces are made by hand in house at The Peninsula Hong Kong, without MSG or preservatives, and are available in 220 g jars for HK$ 238.

Artfully Elegant Gift Packaging
The Peninsula Hong Kong’s dumplings and gift sets are presented in newly designed, bespoke packaging inspired by both Art Deco design motifs and the stained-glass windows at Spring Moon. With new, beautifully coloured boxes made from 100 percent recycled and ethically sourced materials, these gift packages offer a thoughtful and eco-friendly way to share the spirit of the Dragon Boat Festival. 

The Spring Moon rice dumplings, condiments, and gift sets can be purchased online from 22 April 2022 to 3 June 2022 at https://eshopphk.peninsula.com/ while stocks last, and will be ready for collection from 21 May 2022 to 3 June 2022. 

For enquiries, please contact Spring Moon by telephone at (+852) 2696 6760, by email at springmoonphk@peninsula.com, or online at  www.peninsula.com.